Kids Roller Skates Shoes Rechargable LED Light Up Skates Shoes


Kids Roller Skates Shoes Rechargable LED Light Up Skates Shoes

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Roller Shoes Girls Boys Wheel Shoes Kids Roller Skates Shoes LED Light

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Product Description


  • Multiple light modes: Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-Skyblue-Purple-White-teady-White-winkle-auto-change mode-light off.
  • Excellent quality & fashionable design many kinds of light mode for your kids to choose.
  • The front wheel could be removed and back wheel could be hide then turn into a normal sneaker.

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  • This shoes is the best gift for all kinds of parties,birthdays,Halloween, Christmas,Thanksgiving.Every child deserves to have this magic,rechargeable shoes.

Charging Tip:

  • You can connect a USB cable from the computer, you can also use mobile phones and other chargers, mobile power can also be used, safe and reliable.
  • Please charging the shoes for 4-5hours


  • Please use under the protection of adults
  • Shoes can’t soak in water.


  • Please measuring foot length and refer to left size chart to order correct shoes(+0.5cm)

Additional Information

SizeEu27 kids=us10=175mm,
Eu28 kids=us11=181mm,
Eu29 kids=us12=188mm,
Eu30 kids=us12.5=194mm,
Eu31 kids=us13=201mm,
Eu32 kids=us13.5=208mm,
Eu33 kids=us1=214mm,
Eu34 kids=us2=221mm,
Eu35 kids=us3=226mm,
Eu36 kids=us4=233mm,
Eu37 kids=us5=240mm,
Eu38=kids us6=246mm,
Eu39=kids us6=253mm,
Eu40=kids us7=260mm,
Eu41=kids us8=266mm

Additional Information


EU27 Kids=US10=175MM, EU28 Kids=US11=181MM, EU29 Kids=US12=188MM, EU30 Kids=US12.5=194MM, EU31 Kids=US13=201MM, EU32 Kids=US13.5=208MM, EU33 Kids=US1=214MM, EU34 Kids=US2=221MM, EU35 Kids=US3=226MM, EU36 Kids=US4=233MM, EU37 Kids=US5=240MM, EU38=Kids US6=246MM, EU39=Kids US6=253MM, EU40=Kids US7=260MM, EU41=Kids US8=266MM


Blue, DarkBlue, DarkRed, Pink


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